What phone accessories should you have? Check!


Tempered glass for phone
Glass for phone protects the display from mechanical damage. A well-chosen gadget does not affect the functionality of the touch screen in any way and even helps to take care of it. Tempered phone glass is often coated with additional layers, such as antibacterial or oleophobic, which do not leave greasy fingerprints.

Before you buy, make sure that the glass is suitable for your phone model. An inappropriate one may stick out at the edges or cover the front camera.

Protective film for phone
Foil — cheap and popular smartphone display protection. His goal – protect the glass from scratches and minor damage. Unfortunately, it is not as effective as glass, so it will work as an additional protection for a closed case. You can choose matte or glossy foil. As with glass, it is very important to carefully adhere it to the display.

Phone case
Protective case ; the most popular smartphone accessory. The stores offer a variety of types and options for covers. What is the best phone case? The gadget must match the smartphone model — not only in size, but also in holes for cameras and sensors. If the display is already protected by a film or glass, you can only choose a cover on the back of the device. Practical covers with a valve that can also be used as a wallet. Inside they have special pockets for cards or documents. An interesting solution is titanium cases that protect the smartphone from falling from a great height.

Which phone case you choose depends a lot on your needs and preferences. Most covers are inexpensive, so they can be changed and matched, for example, to the color of the bag.

Electronic devices mostly run out of power when we need them most. To avoid a situation where the battery of your smartphone is low and there is no outlet anywhere, buy a power bank for your phone. Models with various sizes and powers are available. A portable power bank should have a slightly larger capacity than your smartphone battery. Then you can be sure to charge it fully.

Phone holder
Another practical gadget — smartphone holders. There are 4 types of fasteners: for a car, for a bicycle, for a hand and for a finger.

If you have a car, you should buy such an accessory. Thanks to this, your smartphone will always be in a conspicuous place. You'll see at a glance who's calling or texting you and whether you need to stop to answer the call. In addition, you can easily use navigation. Which car phone holder to choose? Firstly, the clip must fit your phone model and hold it firmly. Another important element is the method of attachment. You can choose a holder that is attached to the glass with suction cups, pressed into the ventilation grilles or magnetic.

The bike hitch comes in handy when you use your two-wheeler a lot and need to keep your device in sight. Which phone holder to buy? The best choice would be a device with a special waterproof pocket in which you put your smartphone. The hitch is most often attached to the handlebars with Velcro, a latch and a clip.

For people who like to listen to music while running, the grip is the perfect solution. The camera is placed in a padded pocket attached to the bracelet. Then put on the shoulder and adjustable with Velcro. Running without the weight of a phone in your pocket is very convenient.

Do you take a lot of photos and videos? You will probably be interested in the grip with your fingers. The phone holder can be in the form of a ring or a tongue with a recess for fingers. All you have to do is glue the handle to the body. The holder provides a secure grip on the device, which improves camera stabilization when capturing photos or videos. It also minimizes the risk of equipment falling.

Headphones — an indispensable accessory if you want to listen to your favorite music on the way to work or make free video calls.;

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